Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men (2021)

23 short films, 21 female directors, 1 movie feature to support survivors of sexual abuse.

A black comedy, originally written for the stage by actress and screenwriter Lorien Haynes for her daughter. It traces a woman’s relationship history backwards, exploring the results of a sexual assault on her choices and her relationship experiences from teen pregnancy to infidelity and addiction.

Everything I Ever Wanted to Tell My Daughter About Men is a passion project created by an army of volunteer crew, male and female, with at least 50% female, is to raise awareness and support for survivors of abuse and assault in conjunction with RISE, the Nobel Prize nominated NPO, who are passing the Survivors Bill of Rights state by state in the US and took it to the UN in September 2019.

Directors: Amy Gardner (Finite Films), Maryam d’Abo, Susannah Harker, Amanda Nguyen, Lizze Gordon, Robin Gurney, Jodhi May, Katie Flynn, Laura Merians, Lucy Brown, Kate Sumner, Tara Fitzgerald, Gia Carides, Kate Danson, Saffron Burrows, Sienna Guillory, Talia Balsam, Falguni Lakhani Adams, Barbara van Schaik, Erin Richards, Lorien Haynes.

Screenwriter: Lorien Haynes

Cast: Jason Isaacs, Alan Cumming, Lesley Manville, James Purefoy, Nathan Fillion, Sullivan Stapleton, Ben Lawson, Issy Knopfler, Travis Leete, Lorien Haynes, Belinda Stewart Wilson, Adam Rayner, Alex Désert, Charlie Field, Emmett Carnahan, Eoin Macken, Joe Sims, John Power, Jonathan Cake, Jonathan Firth, Lex Shrapnel, Richard Wilson, Richard Odufisan, Clara McGregor.

For more information please visit: telleverything.org

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