Do This for Me (2022)

A short film written by April Kelley.

Maintaining friendships in your twenties is tricky. Juggling careers, sexuality, romance, and the dread of turning 30. Meet Lex, Gracie, Beca, Kat, and Joy. We all know them, as we all are them. Reuniting tonight to pay tribute to a friend, tensions quickly rise as tipsy turns to drunk and grief takes hold of those left behind. DO THIS FOR ME is a story about friendship, reminding us that everything else can wait when someone you love needs you.

Produced in association with Mini Productions.

Director: Marnie Baxter

Screenwriter: April Kelley

Cast: Adelle Leonce, Taj Atwal, April Kelley, Tilly Keeper, Sara Huxley

In collaboration with Bipolar UK and the Film and TV Charity. This film has also been awarded the Raising Films Ribbon supporting parents and carers within the industry.

Full Cast & Crew

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