Billy and the Goblin Rebellion (in development)

Billy and the Goblin Rebellion is an animated fantasy adventure series that follows a young boy’s journey from Belfast to a parallel world on a mission to rescue his father. In this world, he uncovers a malevolent monarch who has subjugated his goblin subjects and is depleting Earth’s vital resource: water.

Billy, who lives a protected life with his father, Frederick, embarks on a daring quest when Frederick is abducted. Together with Emma, the spirited girl next door, Billy follows his father’s trail to a desolate land ruled by the despotic Seren, who has enslaved the goblins by monopolising their water supply and is on a mission to do the same to Earth’s. Billy’s mission to save his father evolves into a broader quest to liberate the goblins and thwart Seren’s tyrannical schemes.

Screenwriter/Producer: Amy Gardner

HaZimation is currently developing the animation series and a video game based on the story.

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