An assured first film by director-writer Heidi Greensmith. Daring, full of empathy and, above all, mature. – Hugh Hudson (Director, Chariots of Fire)


WOODS (Tommy Flanagan) is a father consumed by grief who must come to terms with an emotional breakdown in order to save his relationship with his two young sons, 19 year-old TOM (Tom Payne) and 14 year-old MAX (Bill Milner) deeply moving and visually arresting, WINTER is a poignant exploration of love, loss and family bonds. 19 year old Tom and his younger brother Max were happy, had everything going for them. A wonderful art gallery mother and a successful, artist father WOODS.

This happy family is turned upside down when MARIE is killed in a random act of violence. Woods beloved wife has been suddenly taken away and his heart has broken. He spirals into a mental and emotional break down. His daily life becomes a series of drinking binges and psychotic episodes in a bid to forget. He now frequents only the darkest of places. His bright and popular son TOM who, has gained a place at Columbia University due to his exceptional grades and hard work, is now his sole carer.

Writer/Director: Heidi Greensmith

British writer/director Heidi Greensmith was born in the South East of England. One of seven children she made her own entertainment obsessively watching films and memorising the dialogue word for word. After graduating from The London Film School Greensmith worked briefly as an undercover reporter for a documentary production company until she realized that the dialogue of non-fiction was too restrictive. She then signed to a London production company to direct music promos and commercials. Greensmith has just completed her debut feature WINTER and is in development with her second feature, a comedy noir BLOODY MARY. She is married to musician and composer Dominic Greensmith and they have four children together.


This debut feature stars Tommy Flanagan (Sons of Anarchy, Braveheart), Tom Payne (Wuthering Heights, The Physician), Stacy Martin (Nymphomaniac, The Tale of Tales), Bill Milner (X-Men, Broken) and Judith Godrèche (Stoker, Paris s’éveille).