A Brixton-set drama about 15-year-old girl whose desperate need for acceptance leads her to take part in a tragic act of violence.

Layla (Jessica Sula) is 15 and has been living in Trinidad. Returned to her estranged mother in Brixton, she is faced with settling into a new home and a new city with a fresh set of rules and codes. Unsupported by her mother and spitefully rejected by her female peers, she is drawn to the brooding Troy, who marks her as his ‘Trini princess’. When that fails, she takes solace in the friendship of Shaun, another admirer, but her desperate need for acceptance leads to a tragic betrayal of his kindness.

Director Rebecca Johnson based her story on the 2008 case of Samantha Joseph, dubbed the ‘honeytrap killer’. Moving beyond the headlines, Johnson gives us an intricately layered and rarely seen perspective – firmly located in the domain of a young girl becoming a woman in a hyper-masculine world.

Jessica Sula (Skins) stars as Layla alongside principal actors Lucien Laviscount (Waterloo Road); Ntonga Mwanza (Leave to Remain) and Naomi Ryan (Doctor Who).

Writer/Director: Rebecca Johnson