CITY LIGHTS has won Best Short Film (over 16) at the recent Film the House Awards. ‘Film the House’ is a parliamentary based film & scriptwriting competition for student and independent filmmakers based in the UK.

Writer/director Ed Wiles and producer Carey Thring were in attendance at the House of Commons on February 6th to accept the award, presented by Lord (David) Puttnam.

The prize for winning Best Short Film is mentoring from Lord Puttnam himself, work experience at Sky/Lionsgate, a private screening of the film, and a BBFC rating.

Ed Wiles and Carey Thring with BBFC rating certificate

CITY LIGHTS is a romantic comedy short in which the night security guard for an office tower (Femi Oyeniran) finds a unique way to attract a cleaner (Sheena Bhattessa) in the opposite tower. It was supported by Film London, and co-produced by Finite Films and Falconbrook Films.

CITY LIGHTS was supported by Film London through the Shorts Film Fund. It was shot on location in London and a purpose built set in Harpenden.

CAST: Femi Oyeniran, Sheena Bhattessa


WRITER: Ed Wiles